Branch Out

Petworth Action Committee

“As neighbors we are working toward a better future for Petworth.”

The Petworth Action Committee (PAC) is an organization comprised of residents, business owners and other stakeholders whose mission is to revitalize the Petworth community by promoting smart growth, encouraging small business development, soliciting resources that ensure a better quality of life for our neighbors and collaborating with educational institutions to make certain equitable resources are provided for our youth.

The 3Tree Flats Development is an example of achieving the objectives of PAC through public-private partnerships. This project came to fruition due to various residents and community officials who worked tirelessly to ensure that the development team was engaged with the community and the outcome of this mixed-income, mixed-use development would be beneficial to all partners. Such benefits included providing affordable rental homes to Petworth residents, participating in career day at Roosevelt High School, supporting local business and implementing a community benefit fund.